Electrolytic Marking

High-Quality Electrolytic Marking

Electrolytic marking systems – Electrolytic marking is based on an electrochemical marking process (so-called electrochemical metal marking), in which the text or image is permanently transferred to an electrically conductive product by means of a signing stencil by the action of electrolytes and current. Even though this is often referred to as etching, we do not use acids or other hazardous substances!

Östling offers you two different variants of signing templates. For each application we will find a suitable method for you with our short term templates and our long term templates. Further electrolytic accessories, such as felt, conductive net and marking heads are also available from us.

Electrolytic marking systems from Östling are cost-effective and ensure durable and high-quality markings on almost all electrically conductive materials such as aluminum, zinc, chrome, carbide, steel, stainless steel, titanium and many more. If your material is not included, please contact us.

The exact image of a stencil s applied to an electrically conductive product by combining current and electrolyte.

Depending on the surface material (or its composition) and current flow, black or white or deep markings are produced in interaction with our signing templates. No material removal takes place with light or dark markings. This process is therefore ideal for markings in the air and space as well as medical and food technology.

There are almost unlimited graphic possibilities with electrolytic marking systems from Östling. There are almost no limits to the size of the marking. From the injection needle to container marking, this process has been used for decades.

We have a large number of our own electrolytes available for a variety of materials

Strength of electrolytic marking systems.

  • Cost-effective, durable, fast and high-contrast marking
  • Free graphic design of marking templates such as company logos, article numbers, trademarks, batch numbers, scales or decorative markings possible
  • Even large areas can be marked quickly, cleanly and easily
  • For the most varied surface shapes, such as flat, round, concave, convex – no deformation due to gentle surface marking!
  • Easy optimization and expansion through modular and extensive product range possible
  • In approx. 1-3 seconds you will receive a high-contrast, durable and high-quality lettering
  • Different degrees of automation possible
  • No material removal takes place with black or white markings
  • Depth markings in µ-range possible

For more Information: www.ostling-markingsystems.com

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