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TRUMPF Ultra-Short Pulse Marking Lasers Enhance the Sustainability of Medical Technology

The new marking lasers are designed to meet the highest demands of medical technology and the aerospace industry.

The high-tech company TRUMPF is making medical technology more sustainable and cost-effective with its new TruMicro Mark 1020 marking laser.

“Manufacturers in medical technology can utilize ultrashort pulse lasers to mark stainless steel surgical instruments without compromising their corrosion resistance during cleaning cycles. This ensures prolonged use of these expensive instruments over many years, a feat unachievable through conventional marking techniques,” said Clinton Coleman, product and project manager responsible for marking lasers at TRUMPF Inc.’s Laser Technology Center in Michigan.

The TruMicro Mark 1020 facilitates medical technology manufacturing by applying three-dimensional product markings to complex part geometries using the innovative TruTops Mark 3D CAD Software. Utilizing short pulses, operators can mark components and minimize heat generation. Known as black marking, this process forms a nanostructure on the surface that captures light, resulting in a deep black marking visible from every angle. This technique is crucial for medical technology manufacturers, ensures product traceability and facilitates extended reuse.

With the laser’s focus diameter of under 50 micrometers, users achieve precise marking even on extremely small components. “This is a significant advantage, especially in the case of marking stents,” highlighted Coleman. Mere millimeters in size, these implants play a critical role in maintaining open blood and nerve pathways. This ability enables doctors to exert more control over lifestyle diseases, such as heart attacks and strokes. In the United States, patients receive more than two million stents annually, a number that continues to increase.

The aerospace sector also relies on “cold” marking. With strict requirements for material structural integrity, the marking process must not compromise the components’ structure or strength to avoid potential breakage in aircraft or rockets. “Only the TruMicro Mark 1020 ultrashort pulse laser enables this ‘cold’ black marking process on complex 3D surfaces made of metal,” said Coleman.

The TruMicro Mark 1020 offers more than just marking capabilities—it enables cutting, drilling and structuring of diverse materials, such as metal, glass, ceramics or plastics, leveraging its high peak pulse powers. The permanent measurement and documentation of the laser power ensures marking and processing quality that can be tracked at any time. This function is important for quality assurance.

Extremely short laser pulses ensure a matt surface structure, which reduces light reflection and creates a deep black marking that is easily recognizable from every angle. This makes it legible even under difficult lighting conditions in an operating room

Simple operation and integration into line production

Large companies can easily integrate the TruMicro Mark 1020 into their line production. This is made possible by the laser’s modular design and compact dimensions. Since the TruMicro Mark 1020 has all the common industrial interfaces, it is suitable for use in networked manufacturing. Users can expand the TruMicro Mark 1020 into a complete solution, with the TruMark Station for example.

The system is also ideally suited for smaller operations. If desired, TRUMPF can take care of installation and operations qualification (IQ/OQ).


TRUMPF is a high-tech company offering manufacturing solutions in the fields of machine tools and laser technology. The company drives digital connectivity in the manufacturing through consulting, platform products and software. TRUMPF is one of the technology and market leaders in highly versatile machine tools for sheet metal processing and in the field of industrial lasers. In 2022/23, the company employed some 18,400 people and generated sales of about 5.4 billion euros. With over 80 companies, the TRUMPF Group is represented in nearly every European country as well as in North America, South America and Asia. The company has production facilities in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, the Czech Republic, the United States, Mexico and China.

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