The privacy policy at PARTMARKING.NEWS. includes informing you of how we use any personally identifiable information that is submitted to us online and maintaining confidentiality and security safeguards for personally identifiable information. You have control over the personally identifiable information you decide to submit. It is not necessary to provide any personally identifiable information when you visit the PARTMARKING.NEWS website.

When you visit LPARTMARKING.NEWS, you have the opportunity to contact us online. If you choose to contact us through the website, you will find that our online form asks for common types of personally identifiable information, such as name, phone number, or e-mail address. We ask for this information to help us reply to you.

PARTMARKING.NEWS maintains the information it receives online in strict confidence; information you submit to us is not sold to or shared with third parties. PARTMARKING.NEWS reserves the right to notify its readers about administrative matters that pertain to their accounts. When required by law, PARTMARKING.NEWS will share information with government agencies.

Personal information collected online will remain subject to the commitment made in this Online Privacy Policy. If you would like to contact us without submitting personally identifiable information online, you can reach us using the contact information available on the site.

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