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Allan G. Hall, Editor/Publisher of PARTMARKING.NEWS

Understanding manufacturing, processing and engineering is where Al Hall’s know-how shines. Al is a graduate manufacturing engineer from Miami University (Ohio) and a graduate of General Electric’s Manufacturing Management Program where he spent time in the aircraft engine group, in wire and cable operations and medium steam turbine manufacturing. In his career Al has written appropriations and purchased many millions of dollars of capital equipment and brings the kind of clear thinking needed to understand “Why Engineers Buy Things”.

In 1972 Al left General Electric and came to Detroit to join his father at Hall Industrial Publicity, Inc. a successful Detroit-based industrial publicity and public relations company. The company was founded by Stu Hall, the former chief editor and general manager of Design News magazine. In 1981, Al purchased the company from his father and continues to provide publicity consulting to industrial and manufacturing companies.

Al is uniquely experienced in and around the part marking field, working for over twenty years for several part marking companies, and has seen and written about much of the technology both new and old. PARTMARKING.NEWS is an opportunity to showcase the new products, technology, innovations, application stories, industry trends and sector dynamics that are affecting the global part marking, part identification and traceability needs.

Al Hall has been described by the CEO of a leading part marking company as follows:

“Al is a very enthusiastic and inquisitive individual with the right amount of technical savvy to clearly understand the wide-ranging needs of part marking, identification and traceability for both production, manufacturing and the varied suppliers that serve those markets”. Thomas J. Phipps, CEO, Columbia Marking Tools, Inc.

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