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Automated Marking Brings Versatile Handheld Marking Equipment to North America

Automated Marking Inc., the exclusive North American distributor for Reiner Industrial Marking Products, introduces the new jetStamp® 1025 Sense. This unique handheld device will scan, process and print all from one integrated unit. It is the first and only such device on the market, providing remarkable utility to manufacturers, logistics and packaging industries.

The jetStamp Sense is built on the chassis of the Reiner jetStamp 1025, the flagship of their handheld inkjet line of marking and coding equipment. Just like the base 1025, the 1025 Sense includes functionality like a 1″ by 3.5″ imprint surface, the ability to utilize a variety of inks making it capable of printing on porous surfaces like cardboard, paper and wood, as well as non-porous surfaces such as glass, metal and plastics. Both models also feature a self-traversing print head and one-click printing, making the jetStamps capable of printing on irregular surfaces, such as curved glass or plastic bottles, and pressure-sensitive packaging such as pharmaceutical products, and filled-bags as are used in the food industry.

The 1025 Sense takes all these remarkable capabilities, and combines them with sensor functionality, enabling a wide range of uses.  The 1025’s sensor port can interface with a 1D and 2D barcode reader, as well as other sensors such as temperature, indoor air quality, humidity, barometer and altimeter. The sensor measurement can be printed on documents or packaging, the measurements are also stored on the device and can be transferred to a Window-based computer system, or downloaded as a complete data record.

The ability of the 1025 to take measurements and immediately convert them into prints is only one of the unique applications of the 1025 Sense. The unit also has the ability, utilizing the barcode reader sensor, to perform a variety of scan and print functions. Scan and Print functions greatly reduce or eliminate the chance for human error, and greatly improve speed and efficiency.

The 1025 Sense can “Scan, Copy & Print” – which equates to reading a barcode, and printing that same barcode, with the option of additional data to be printed along with that code. “Scan, Convert & Print” refers to the 1025 Sense’s ability to scan a barcode or QR code and print the embedded text in the scanned barcode, print the human readable code in the scanned barcode, or convert to a different style/type of barcode.

Perhaps most unique of the Sense 1025 functions however is the ‘Scan, Command & Print” function, which allows a user to scan a barcode, and then produce a specified print, from a databased of print messages stored on the device. All of these Scan and Print options include the ability to print barcodes, alphanumeric text, live date and time, sequential numbering and graphics. The 1025 Sense can store up to 255 imprints at one time. Its battery life is sufficient for 1000 prints, and its cartridge based technology is clean and easy to use.

The 1025 is capable of printing with black or yellow ink. It is Bluetooth enabled, and network capable, and allows for database / ERP connectivity. It’s lightweight at only 2.1 lbs. including battery and cartridge, and ergonomically designed for both right and left-hand use.

The 1025 creates high-quality prints at a resolution of 300DPI, printing fonts from 1/16th of an inch to 1 inch in height, capable of single-line or multi-line imprints within its overall print area of 1″ by 3.5″. The 1025 sense will render text, as well as barcodes, QR codes, logos and graphics on porous and non-porous surfaces.

Speaking about the innovative 1025 Sense, and of their longstanding relationship with AMI, Pascal Regen, Reiner’s Export Sales Director offered the following; “the Innovative Spirit of our Reiner team continues to offer unique mobile marking solutions such as our jetStamp Sense. We will continue to explore and develop these unique solutions to help solve the pain points of end users in numerous industries. Through the Sales and Marketing engagement of Automated Marking and its network in North America we are very optimistic to reach more and more customers.”

“We’ve proudly distributed the Reiner line of products for over forty years,” shares Julian Mear, CEO of Automated Marking. “The 1025 and the 1025 Sense are two of the most advanced pieces of equipment in the handheld market. Reiner has done it again, in developing a highly versatile product, that will find a home in a wide variety of industries and applications.”

About AMI:
Automated Marking Incorporated (AMI) was founded in 1982, by Jeff Mear, as he transformed a company with roots that stretch back to 1903, from an analog past, into a technology forward solution provider. Today AMI is a leader in the development, sales, service and support of high-quality product identification systemsautomation equipment, hardware, software and consumables for marking, coding, and commercial printing applications. AMI’s core capabilities include full-lifecycle support for Thermal Inkjet Printers (TIJ), Piezo Hi-Res, Case Coding, Form Fill and Seal, Commercial Graphics & Addressing, and Code Assurance.

About Reiner:
Reiner is a globally renowned manufacturer of marking scanners, stamps and precision parts, operating for more than a century from their headquarters in the Black Forest of Germany. Reiner is well known in the marking and coding industry, especially for innovations such as their patented and unique self-traversing print head on their jetStamp line of handheld inkjet marking devices. Reiner is also renowned for the quality of their engineering and manufacturing processes, resulting in the remarkable durability, versatility and reliability of their marking and coding equipment as well as all their manufactured equipment.



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