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Lasit’s PenFeeder Ushers in a New Era of Laser Marking for Pens

The Penfeeder is an automatic system for laser marking cylindrical components. Patented for pens, it can adapt to different types of parts, perfect for when you need to respond to large production volumes.

The Lasit PenFeeder is engineered to automate the entire process of laser marking pens. It intelligently organizes pens in an initially disorderly manner and precisely aligns them for marking.

The system is equipped with a unique Lift and Rotate feature that ensures each pen is perfectly positioned for the laser. This mechanism, coupled with the Marking and Rotation system, enables comprehensive 360° marking, ensuring every inch of the pen is accessible for intricate designs. Up to 3600 pens per hour can be laser marked. The pens can be loaded into a magazine in a disorderly manner where the Penfeeder independently ensures their orderly positioning on the chain conveyor by means of specially designed V-shaped fins.

The PenFeeder uses the Lasit Powermark FiberFly laser marker that uses the most innovative vtterbium-doped active fiber technology and is the ideal solution for precision laser marking, micro-processing, and cutting metal and some plastic.  Green or UV MOPA lasers for laser marking on plastic because it is more delicate. The FiberFly is ideal for integration because it is a robust, durable product, that works in any industrial environment. It can be used for laser marking: 2D codes, alphanumerical codes, one-dimensional codes, and logos.

Lasit Fiber lasers have a lifetime of over 100,000 hours of laser marking, and their operating independence makes these lasers extremely easy to control by PLC. Its size (rack format) is another significant advantage for anyone who needs to use this laser in a production line or a robotic cell. As with all LASIT laser markers, this one can be integrated into the line with Profibus, Profinet, or Ethernet/IP protocols.

Since their founding in 1990, LASIT Sistemi e Tecnologie Elettrottiche S.p.A. , has continued to develop and offer a full range of marking and engraving, deep cutting, and precision micro perforation. Over 110 standard models are available as well as customized machines for integration with highly-complex automated systems. With state-of-the-art technology developed by Lasit’s dedicated R&D department, Lasit has produced many innovations in terms of mechanics, automation, hardware and software. the engineering team is made up of mechanical, electrical, software, and applications engineers. All machines are produced in-house from high-quality components that offer durability and reliability. Lasit’s own software, FlyCAD and FlyControl for marking and diagnostics are also developed in-house, and customized solutions and interfaces are also available. Lasit’s Global Corporate headquarters are located in Torre Annunziata, Italy. Lasit USA is located in Glastonbury, Connecticut.




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