Hand-Held Markers

Lightweight Portable Marking Machine


The Technifor XM500 is a lightweight, ultra-compact portable marker that allows users to mark where desired, when needed.  It can be used in a wide range of situations such as, marking small parts, parts with complex shapes, but also heavy, large, and difficult to access parts.

Industrial design adapts to the environment

With its new industrial design, the XM500 is both handy and robust and allows for precise and accurate marking in all positions. Lightweight
(5.9lbs) to mark your parts anywhere, even at arms’ length
– 2 handles for marking in all positions
– 1 trigger to trigger your marking with your fingertips.

Persistent mechanics and limitless productivity

The XM500 inherits all the Technifor micro-percussion technology with a proven mechanism already present in the Technifor dot peen range of markers.
Designed to meet industrial applications in a context of productivity, it provides continuous and uninterrupted power and marking speed.

Many advanced features are available as standard:

Fully programmable, the XM500 provides total flexibility and optimal control, setting parameter settings, dot spacing, font size, text marking, Datamatrix, serial numbers, date and time marking, and various other options.

– Dynamic Dot Control technology automatically adjusts the dot density to the desired marking size and depth. The markings remain legible and clear of the application or the height of the characters.
– Point by Point or continuous line marking
– Marking of all kinds of logos in HPGL
– Multi-pass function for deeper marking

For many types of Materials

– Plastics  ABS, PA, PP.C37
– Metals – Aluminum, C44 Brushed aluminum, iron, brass, steel, painted steel

Intuitive and designed for operator comfort

Combined with its new XCOM Control Unit, the XM500 is the most comfortable and intuitive marking machine on the market:

– New Embedded Software for Easier programming of your markings
– Preview and settings to prepare your marking
– LED lighting of the marking area for better control of the marking
– One USB port for fast and easy data transfer

The XM500 is easily transportable:

– Its light weight (5.9lbs) makes the XM500 one of the lightest portable on the market
– Its electro-magnetic technology reduces the number of cords to one.
– Its UC cord is 3m (extension available) for a wide range of action.
– Its CPU transport support, C53 promotes your mobility
– Its touch screen frees you from keyboards and PCs

Direct and permanent marking allows the identification of each, whatever your area of activity.

Cars • Traceability of exhaust systems by Datamatrix code
• Marking of brake discs
• Marking of company flat
• Marking of rims
Aeronautics • Marking on turbine blades
• Traceability of stainless steel, steel and titanium components using Datamatrix codes
Protective Equipment • EPP Marks
• Marking of handling supports
Motorbikes and Cycles • Marking of bicycle frames
• Identification of motorcycle parts: serial numbers
Light Industry • Mechanics: parts, mechanical parts, precision parts, cylinders or cylindrical parts
Heavy Industry • Construction: marking of metal structures, construction machinery
• Oil and gas: turbine identification, valve marking
• Naval: marking of structural parts, engine parts

For more Information: www.technifor.us

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