Tag Marking

Tag Embossing Machine does 2D Data Matrix Codes

The Pannier EmbossMax 5000 automatic metal tag embossing machine is designed for medium to high volume tagging requirements including 2D Data Matrix codes.

  • Emboss one or more lines of text, logos, and 2D Data Matrix codes
  • The coil tag feed system is designed for continuous, jam-free marking of up to 1,000 tags per coil
  • unlkimited character size and font options
  • Emboss, deboss, or engrave characters
  • Adjustable marking depth

The EmbossMax 5000 uses dot peen technology to emboss metal tags using a carbide marking pin. Information to be marked can be input into the Emboss Max software manually by an operator, retrieved from a file, or sent automatically from a host system via a serial or Ethernet connection. The system can also be configured to receive data from other sources such as a bar code scanner or scale. Automatic data checking parameters can be set to prevent manual data entry errors.

Coils up to 1,000 pre-formed tags fee continuously through the embosser, after which they can be snapped apart for immediate use or recoiled on an optional tag recoiler. The tag stock moves freely through the embosser, ensuring that the tags will not jam and components cannot be knocked out of alignment.

Pannier EmbossMax 5000 automatic metal tag embossing machine

For more information;  www.pannier.com

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