Tag Marking

Desktop Laser Tag Marker

XENO 3 is a desktop integrated laser system to mark metal and plastic tags. Manufactured by cab Produkttechnik GmbH & Co. the machine uses a 20-30 watt fiber laser beam source, control unit and laser marking station are incorporated in a joint laser safety housing according to protection class 1. Due to its compact design and small footprint, XENO 3 fits with desktop operations. It is ideal for marking identification tags for hydraulic cylinders, engines, pumps, gears, and vehicle chassis system components.

Interchangeable tag magazines enable to the machine to accommodate different tag sizes. Tags to be processed are 40 x 20 to 120 x 100 mm in size, resp. 0,5 to 1 mm in thickness. Tag stacking is possible to heights of 50 mm. The laser marking area is provided with a light that allows the process to be observed through a protected window. The scanning head provides manual height setting and a pilot laser to preview the marking.

Fold-out carry handles simplify the installation of the system. With the comprehensive cabLase marking software, layouts can be graphically designed, marking process controlled and monitored. The system can be remote controlled or monitored in networks  where the machine interacts with other machines or personnel.

When performing engravings and ablation of top layers a selection of filters are available.


For more Information: www.cab.de

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