Laser Marking

Cost-Effective Bench-Top Laser Marker

The Beamer S-Series bench-top laser marker is the simplest cost-effective answer for the highest standard in parts marking. The compact design, 25” x 25” x 25”, makes it the perfect size for setting up in a designated area like a shipping room. The cabinet opening is 16” x 17”. It is built for quick and precise part loading and marking. The enclosure includes dowel pin holes and threaded holes for mounting fixtures of varying sizes. With a stable laser position, simply mount a scissor table to the base to raise and lower part to focus the laser.

Setup is simple and straightforward, and the system operates with familiar Windows™-based software. Marking, can be achieved with options including 20W, 50W and even 100W solutions.

  • User-friendly built-in control panel in convenient location
  • Compact size fits atop a bench, counter, etc.
  • Removable side panels for larger parts to fit inside and be marked
  • Runs off standard 110 volt
  • Distance Pointer for easy focusing of laser
  • Guide laser for easy part alignment
  • Test Sample marking for quick and easy material sampling

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