Tag Marking

Dot Matrix Series Tag Marking Machine

MDM 1000/2000 Series from Identisys, Inc. is dot peen Dot Matrix tag marking system that produce laser-like marks by a series of micro-percussion dots. It is a cost-effective alternative to stamping and dies. Dot peen tag marking machines allow total freedom and flexibility for metal tags with the ability of dot peening words on the plate surface in any true Windows® type fonts It can also produce logos and other graphics.

The dot peening technology makes the MDM1000 / 2000 one of the most versatile marking solutions for metal tags since it allows total freedom in designing the plate layout.  Manual (MDM1000) or automatic (MDM2000) loading and unloading is available. Equipped with a unique clamp for plates of most dimensions and metals. Command protocols in the software allow the MDM1000 / 2000 to easily interface with custom applications.

  • Reliable stylus stamping for logos, Windows fonts and special characters of all sizes
  • Easy manual or automatic loading and unloading.
  • Near end input / near full output hopper plate sensors for continuous production
  • Stamps special characters such as country specific characters and symbols.
  • Suitable for a variety of metals, including stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass.

Metal tags up to 7.092-in wide and 4.334-in wide can be accommodated in aluminum, copper and brass materials. Dot peened marks have a resolution of 200 dpi with micro-percussion pressure adjustable depending on the material. Fonts and logos can be rotated 90/180/270 degrees. Marking speed is 50 dots per second.

The machine uses Sword™ metal identity software with the 2D Data Matrix option. It is compatible with Windows® XP/Vista/7. (20) storable formats are downloadable. The machine is 24.8-in x 29.1-in x 15-in. The MDM 1000 weighs 119-lbs, the MDM 2000 126-lbs.

For more Information: www.identisys.com

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