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Patmark – A New Generation of Marking Tool

Patmark – a new generation of marking tool!
Are you still using a hammer?  Patmark is called “Digital Punch” in another word. The most innovated of marking tool delivers you safe with hammer-free experience needless of exhausting.  Programming via Android or Windows software opens up new possibilities in the marking technology. With the Patmark-mini (marking field 15×15 mm) you can mark almost any location without fatigue. But also the larger Patmark (marking field 33×15 mm) is flexible and easy to use. With the digital punchers, even longer markings can be applied to the component quickly and easily. Even cylindrical components are no problem.  Whether steel, aluminium, hardened materials, plastics or wood products. With our Patmarkers you can mark almost any material!

For more Information: www.markingsolutions.de

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