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Schreiner ProTech Develops Color Laser Film Translucent with Bonding Benefits

Solution combines marking capabilities for partially transparent applications with adhesion capabilities and late-stage inscription customization.

Schreiner ProTech, a Germany-based global leader in developing and manufacturing innovative functional labels with value-added benefits for the automotive, electronics components and engineering-based industries, now offers an integrated film-based solution for partially translucent displays. The company’s Color Laser Film Translucent is an alternative to pre-printed design films, efficiently combining the functions of marking and adhesive bonding into one flexible, customizable product.

Translucence refers to an object’s light permeability, and is a characteristic frequently found in sectors such as household appliances, mobility and consumer electronics incorporating backlit displays with symbols or text. Where translucence is required from a marking solution, the specialized Color Laser Film from Schreiner ProTech enables customized backlighting to be achieved in a wide variety of versions and simultaneously serves as a means of bonding display glass with the device.

Characterized by high stability, Color Laser Films are used for creating self-adhesive labels and nameplate sets for application to a wide variety of equipment. The contactless marking process produces zero emissions.

Among the Color Laser Film Translucent labels’ benefits is late-stage customization, which allows for customized, version-specific marking -. Inscription also can be performed via laser through the display glass, which reduces both the number of display versions and required inventory levels. To ensure marking and adhesion durability, the Color Laser Film Translucent labels also are resistant against cleaning agents.

“Color Laser Film Translucent amounts to a multi-purpose labeling solution, allowing for light transparency while performing mission-critical marking and adhesion tasks,” said Erik Eyb, European Sales Manager for Schreiner ProTech. “The solution’s high degree of customization makes it all the more attractive.”

About Schreiner ProTech

Schreiner ProTech, a business unit of Schreiner Group GmbH & Co. KG based in Oberschleissheim near Munich (Germany) and production sites in Blauvelt (USA) and Shanghai (China), develops innovative film-based functional components and industrial marking and security solutions. From thermal-transfer printing, laser marking and RFID solutions all the way to pressure compensation seals and printed electronics: the certified development partner and systems supplier offers solutions which help optimize processes, reduce costs, make life healthier and safer, and enhance human mobility. All of Schreiner ProTech’s solutions for the mobility and electronics markets as well as for mechanical engineering are specifically tailored to meet customers’ needs.


Schreiner ProTech’s U.S. facility, a business unit of Schreiner Group LP, is located at 300 Corporate Drive, Suite 10, Blauvelt, NY 10913.

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