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Reliable Laser Marking of Foil Labels in the Automotive Industry

Leading German car manufacturer relies on LM5650 laser marking system from Topex for permanent part marking

Whether at car manufacturers or supplier companies – permanent parts marking plays an important role in the automotive sector. With the LM5650 laser marking station, our partner Topex GmbH designed a customized solution for one of Germany’s leading car manufacturers. The system creates labels for special requirements in terms of temperature, environmental impact, and mechanical influence in a single operation. The integrated fiber laser AREX401 from Datalogic ensures excellent labelling and cutting results.

In one of the car manufacturer’s plants in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, two LM5650 laser marking systems are used for an electric sports car line. Based on Datalogic’s AREX401 laser marker, the LM5650 produces laser foil labels that are applied to the two electric machines on the front and rear axles of the coupé.

The application in the production environment is very simple: using the PowerScan™ handheld scanner, the worker first reads a barcode on the vehicle, which triggers the laser marking of the label. The systems are also interconnected in such a way that they can act as a mutual emergency strategy.

In addition to a variety of other customer-specific requirements, the integration of the systems into the car manufacturer’s FIS system was also implemented.

Topex GmbH

As specialists for individual part marking and innovative manufacturing solutions, Topex offers technically mature, reliable, and durable products that meet the highest requirements for quality and precision.

The Topex 5600 laser marking cell is a compact tabletop device for marking laser foil and labels in endless or pre-cut form. Laser-marked foils and labels meet the highest requirements for resistance, e.g. to mechanical influences, liquid media such as solvents, salt spray, etc. or temperature influences. This enables a wide range of applications in the automotive or industrial sector. The unit is designed for the production of tag sets or individual tags.

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