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The New Portable Marking Machine, Fastest and Smallest

Couth Industrial Marking Systems announces the introduction of a new portable dot peen marking machine that is the fastest and smallest available on the market today. The new Dot Peen 50 x 17 has a top speed of 16 characters per second, with a marking area of 50 mm x 17mm, with an optional 50 mm x 25mm marking area.

The unit can mark alphanumeric codes, logos, and DataMatrix codes in materials up to 62HRC. Four different sizes of pneumatic peen marking heads are available a well two electric driven designs.  Built-in supports to properly secure and have appropriate distance between the marking unit and the piece ensures mark quality. The ergonomic, lightweight design allows the user to mark faster and easier than similar devices, because it is designed to mark pieces in any area and position.

Because of advanced electronics, the Clouth modular control unit for the marker has a power advantage of 15 to 20% over other makers which provides for more marking depth and/or speed. The autonomous control system does not require PC for operation.

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