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What Parts Get Permanently Marked In Electric Cars?

Marking Parts in an Electric Car

A combustion engine car consists of more than 1,000 parts that many need to be marked and tracked. An electric car consists of only 200 parts but many of those parts are marked with a 2D code or human-readable text.

Electric cars still need a VIN number for tracking, warranty, and counterfeit protection. Both electric and gas have a suspension system with shocks and struts, power steering rack, wheels, hydraulic brake system, body panels, bumpers, and air bag systems that are typically marked for tracking and traceability


Batteries are a key component in every electric car. They store energy and can be recharged.  Each battery or battery cell is marked with a code for tracking. It is important to know when it was manufactured, what the charge capacity would be, and where the battery was built. In an electric vehicle with 85kWh of power there will bill 7,104 batteries, each with a code for tracking.


Depending on the manufacturer, the motor contains many parts that may need tracking such as the stator, the rotor, drive shaft, the windings, the armature, bearings, coils, and the casing. Connected to the motor would be the inverter that converts the DC power of the batteries to AC power for the motor. The inverter contains sensitive electronics. Chips, circuits and circuit boards are marked for tracking and replacement. The aluminum enclosure of the inverter is marked several times for identification.


Production of electric vehicles have grown significantly over the past 5 years as more and more manufactures are offering electric or hybrid models to their line. Many are trying to ramp up production as the market grows. These manufactures are looking for marking solutions for their assembly lines and need a marking company that can not only provide them with a marker but also provide them with the automation for their line.

Telesis has been developing assembly line automation for decades with most every auto manufacturer in the world. Today, Telesis is working directly with electric car manufacturers to produce identification marks on their new assembly lines as well as retrofit their current lines for these new electric vehicles. Telesis offers a full line of Pinstamp, Scribe or Laser marking turnkey systems.

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