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Special Dual Head Dot-Peen Marking Machine

Unique I-Mark™ peen marking system places date codes and traceable information on axle flanges.

 Columbia Marking Tools, Inc. has been building tools, machines, and systems as well as developing new marking processes for placing identification marks in parts since 1960. During that period, what started as a simple manual process of using metal stamps to hammer identification into parts has now become a sophisticated compilation of unique marking processes to provide traceability and part information, unique cosmetic looks, company logos, date codes and manufacturing information, as well as dials and graduation marks. The range of marking processes now includes laser, peen, scribe, roll and even embossing. The quantity of information required has increased as well, prompting the use of sophisticated 2D matrix codes that need to be accurately placed and read on all types of part surfaces. Because marking is very application oriented, the type of marking process to be used depends on part size and shape, material, production rates and even process integration.

“Today, there are many, many variables that have to be considered,” says Tom Phipps Columbia Marking Tool, Inc. CEO “That’s why we developed the I-Mark™. A good example of the I-Mark versatility is a recent CMT designed and built dual head I-Mark machine to dot-peen mark left and right-hand automotive axle flanges with date codes and traceability information at a rate of 1050 axles per hour.

The special machine has a custom-designed weldment base and frame that mounts the special non-marring manually-operated load/unload two-part fixturing, and the (2) ballscrew driven I-MARK 4.0” programmable stroke platens that each mount identical I-Mark IM-ID60 peen marking heads. The heads utilize the I-MARK approach to provide a long-stroke 4.0” programmable Z-axis distance to allow the necessary reach to mark the interior of the axle shaft hub while allowing clear access for load and unloading.

The I-Mark x-y-z axis movement for the marking head is provided by high torque finite stepper motors and dedicated CNC style drives that produce very-fast 300 mm per second speed, which marks up to six characters per second. The electric motors for the axes are powered by the industrial I-Mark control unit which operates on 110 VAC power. Depth of mark is easily adjusted via the 30-75 psi is the operating range for the air-powered pneumatic dot-peen action. With on-board I/O and serial interface, the unit can receive information two different ways, regardless of the type of PLC. It can be designed for, automatic, semi-automatic and manual operations. The compact industrial I-Mark controller is mounted on the rear of the machine frame to conserve space and ease of servicing. A keyboard for programming is also provided, or a typical USB laptop access port is also available for programming.

The I-MARK controller for the marking units can be connected to a PC for viewing marks, serial and I/O interfaces and a software package designed for ease of integration.

The I-Mark IM-ID60 dot-peen markers are provided with a complete package including a keyboard and controller, with user-friendly prompts for quick navigation thru programming. The standard unit interfaces with most computer operating systems.

Data entered by the keyboard can be viewed and edited on a display before any marking is performed. Text can be fixed or variable, numbering can be sequential, date coding can be set up to be automatic and character size can vary in 0.1mm steps. For increased flexibility, the penetration depth is easily adjustable through a pressure regulator.

Columbia Marking Tools is a leading designer and manufacturer of metal and plastic marking equipment including stamps, roll marking dies, roll marking and impact marking machines, fully programmable pulsed fiber diode laser, peen/scribe marking and UID/2D Square ◙ Dot® machines, numbering heads, special marking machines and I-Mark™ software and controllers.

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