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Dot Peen Solutions For Railway Car Wheels  

Telesis was given the challenge by a rail and car wheel plant in Russia to ensure a mark of 5 characters in 12 seconds and a minimum depth of 0.4mm in steel of hardness HB280 and HB320.

Telesis first tried the handheld dot peen marker TMP4750 with MultiStrike™ functionality but the depth was short of the requirement. The TMP7000 was the next option to try. In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was quite challenging to get sample material, proceed with the tests, and send the material back to evaluate the depth. The Customer Lab recorded 0.5 to 0.7mm depth. Telesis processed several marks achieved in different ways, with varying densities, pin strokes, and with multiple strikes and variable air pressures. The TMP7000 is the ultimate heavy metal marking system.

 Ultimately the customer purchased three TMP7000 markers equipped with TMC470 PINSTAMP® controllers and custom portable tooling.

The TMP7000 marker is a robust and powerful single-pin marker with a large marking window of 100 x 150mm. It is available as a fixed-mounted version, but for our application, we designed and produced with these characteristics:

  • Two handles with a ‘Start Cycle’ button
  • Head suspension hook
  • Balancer
  • Powerful positioning guard
  • Magnets with hold force up to 200kg
  • Special programming logic to prohibit printing without the magnets being activated
  • Emergency stop button placed on the handle of the marking head.

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