Laser Marking

Marking Laser with 3D Functionality

The Trumpf TruMark 6030 is a new generation of marking laser with 3D functionality and closed loop power control. The 25 Watt 6030 reduces process time by up to 25% through its available high average power and pulse energy at the workpiece. Outstanding beam quality and high power densities ensure clean material removal and high-contrast markings. thanks to its innovative optical setup, the spot size remains constant within different Z-levels. By using an external modulator, the laser power can be output linear-scaled – parameters such as pulse duration or pulse stability are not affected.

Different frequency ranges, temperature changes or aging processes are no longer a problem thanks to the internal online laser power measurement and control. The closed-loop control ensures perfect machining results over the entire lifetime. The reproducibility is also unique. When replacing components or when duplicating your system, the same parameters can be used again.

the TruMark 6030 can be integrated quickly and easily into the production system. To accomplish this, features like the 19-in plug-in device as supply unit, the removeable connecting cable and numerous available interfaces all play a role. Its software uses wizards to assist in the communication establishment between the laser and the manufacturing environment. With its sensor systems and OPC-UIA data interface, the TruMark 6030 makes process and laser data available, providing optimal conditions for Industry 4.0 in the production facility.

TruMark 6030 is a high-end industrial device. Its state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and high-performance components make it a remarkably robust and highly compact marking systems with safety class IP 64.The laser head cna operate in ambient temperatures of up to 45-deg C because the air cooling of the laser head can be replaced by a water cooling plate.

A new TruTops Mark 3D program enables 3D marking of complex components. Geometries and marking content can be easily created or imported using the intuitively copereable #D CAD marking system. With the new optical setup of the TruMark 6030, extremely large Z travel ranges (Up to 100mm) can be achieved. An additional mechanical axis to move the laser head is often no longer necessary, which save integration costs.

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