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New Graphix All-In-One Laser Marking Station from TechnoMark

Technomark, a manufacturer of marking systems headquartered in La Talaudière, France has updated their Graphix laser marking station to be an all-in-one system. The marking station is a single box cabinet that contains the laser marking head, motorized Z-axis, control unit and power source, as well as the workspace for the parts to be marked.

The Technomark workstation has a small, compact footprint, which allows easy installation in workshop settings, especially for small workshops manufacturing different kinds of parts in low to high-volume production rates.

Featuring fiber laser technology, Graphix marks parts with a fine, high-intensity beam available in three different power sources, 20W, 30W and 50W, to meet various marking requirements. Making the laser power adjustable offers users the ability to increase power for deeper or faster marking. 

With operator safety in mind, Graphix workstations are equipped with Class 1 lasers, which ensures that the marking is totally safe because everything stays inside the cabinet. Also, the workstation has an emergency stop with a two-position power door.

Graphix offers high-speed, noncontact marking of parts up to 400 mm high. Tall or long parts can be loaded through a side opening.

The system’s rotating axis allows marking on curved surfaces. In addition, Graphix can automate multi-level marking of parts with some operator involvement, and the software is easy to program.

Curved and multilevel marking is made easier by the marking head’s onboard camera. Working with the system’s Smart View function, the camera lets users see and adjust the positioning of a mark on the Graphix screen. And once the mark is properly positioned, they can watch the marking process in real time.

The system can mark parts made of a number of different materials,including steel, brass, copper, aluminum and titanium components. It can also be used to mark some types of plastics. 

On the front of the unit is a control panel that has settings that are easy-to-use. A material database eliminates the need for complicated preliminaries to get Graphix ready for a particular application. All a opereator needs to do is select the part material and the desired marking result. 

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