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Heavy-Duty Valve Flange Marking System

A manufacturer of custom valves marks the flange of each valve with a part number and specifications.  These identification marks help ensure the correct valves are supplied to their customers and helps customers identify and troubleshoot issues once they are installed.  The part numbers were being stamped by hand with steel hand stamps, but as production increased the operators began looking for an automated system to mark parts faster and eliminate marking errors.  They contacted Pannier for a solution.

Pannier designed a heavy-duty rotary marking station incorporating a dot peen marking system, touchscreen controller, and a heavy-duty part holding chuck mounted on a steel table.  The chuck accommodates valves and flanges ranging from .12″ to 6.3″ diameter and weighing up to 80 lbs.  Once a part is loaded into the chuck, a marking program is selected on the AC500 controller and changes can be made to the data being marked.  The chuck automatically turns the part during the marking process, resulting in fast, high-quality marks around the circumference of the flange.

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