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New Motor Coach Part Marking Showroom Helps Contend with COVID 19

As the 2020 year began to evolve and COVID 19 began to seriously affect supplier/customer relationships, it became obvious that person-to-person contact was going to be limited. Trade shows were cancelled for 2020 and event organizers are cancelling and have stopped promoting events for the first half of 2021. Many companies are not going to risk sending their staff to events, whether as attendees or to manage and mingle at exhibition booths. Add that to the fact that companies are also hesitant about sending staff to tour suppliers or manufacturer’s facilities.

Columbia Marking Tools quickly recognized what was happening and decided there was another way to have customers see current and new marking technology, and that was to take the products to the customer and to prospects. They purchased a new Class A motor coach. Gutted it. And fitted it with “live” operating examples of the CMT product line. Including: stamps and dies, dot peen machines, scribe marking machines, laser marking machines, roll marking examples, impact markers, software, and controller demonstrations. Basically…the entire range of part marking technologies. The motor coach is totally self-contained with on-board generator and air power.

Columbia began scheduling plant visits where both product and/or process engineers could come outside, “mask-up” and get product demonstrations right at their facility. The results have been incredibly positive, and the Motor Coach has been on-the-road constantly.

CMT is encouraging any company that would like to see which marking process would best suit their identification and traceability needs, to contact or call 586-949-8400 to set up a Motor Coach Showroom visit.

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