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Telesis Introduces New Dot Peen Controller with Touchscreen

Telesis Technologies, Inc. is bringing new levels of convenience to the marking/traceability industry with its TMC520 Touchscreen PINSTAMP® Controller.

The TMC520 Controller has the look-and-feel of a tablet computer or smartphone—and it’s as easy to use! Workers can quickly and easily place model or part numbers on a wide variety of metal surfaces with a simple sweep of their fingertips.

Adding to its ease of use is that the TMC520 is much smaller than the typical controller used in other dot peen marking systems. Measuring just 10.70 in X 6.23 in X 2.83 in, it is roughly the same size as an Apple iPad.

“We combined breakthroughs in both size and the user interface. It’s the smallest controller we’ve ever built, and it’s a touchscreen,” said Bob French, lead design engineer at Telesis Technologies, Inc.

French, who has been with Telesis since 1983, notes that revolutionizing the dot peen world has long been part of the company’s style. Telesis got its start as a research and development firm. Among its first company-owned products were the early versions of its PINSTAMP® machines. Since then, Telesis has won patents for a slew of pin designs and multi-pin configurations.

And the new, modern TMC520 controller will work with almost all of them.

“That has been one of the things our customers like most about Telesis. We keep backward compatibility so they are not left out of new developments,” French said. “We can switch people over to this new controller easily with no cabling changes in most cases.”

  • The touchscreen is built with reinforced glass and housed in a super-tough casing, reducing the likelihood of damage from dropped tools and other impacts.
  • Built to use with an external power source, the TMC520 doesn’t need a fan to cool the unit. That eliminates the intake of dust and metal particles, ensuring the TMC520 excels in even the most challenging of environments.

Whatever you need to mark, from the side of a bolt to the top of a piston, the TMC520 brings the already simple and cost-effective nature of PINSTAMP® technology into the touchscreen era.

For fifty years, Telesis has been the supplier of choice for identification and traceability equipment used by such giants of global industry as Ford, Chrysler, General Motors, Volvo, Delco, GE Aerospace, Boeing, Pratt & Whitney, Nordson and AT&T. Based in Circleville, Ohio, Telesis manufactures a wide range of programmable laser marking systems, PINSTAMP® Dot Peen, and Telescribe® Scribe Marking Systems, and BenchMark® entry-level marking products used on assembly lines around the world.

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