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SIC Marking Acquires Nill + Ritz

Effective January 1, 2023, the SIC Marking Group has acquired Nill + Ritz CNC-Technik to expand its range of marking systems for demanding industrial applications. With this transaction, the German SIC Marking GmbH is strengthening its presence in the south of Germany.

The SIC Marking Group, headquartered near Lyon/France, has made a name for itself worldwide when it comes to product marking as well as data-supported product identification and traceability in the automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering and energy markets. The focus is on high-quality standard and special marking systems.

Michael Endemann, Managing Director of SIC Marking in Remscheid and new Managing Director of Nill + Ritz: “With the acquisition of Nill + Ritz, we are adding sophisticated customized marking solutions based on needle, scribe and laser technologies to our product range. Together we are now the largest supplier of marking technology in our product area in Germany with annual sales of $16.3 million”.

Against this background, SIC Marking describes the recent acquisition of Nill + Ritz CNC-Technik in Markgröningen near Stuttgart, Germany, as a “perfect fit”. The company, which was founded in 1993, has about 25 employees who design customized marking stations and supply them to well-known customers in the industry.

From left to right: Andreas Ritz (co-founder Nill + Ritz), Michael Endemann (Managing Director SIC Marking) and Joachim Nill (co-founder Nill + Ritz)

About SIC Marking Group

SIC Marking is an international company developing innovative permanent marking solutions and automated identification (i.e. datamatrix) for the complete traceability of industrial components. For over 30 years, SIC Marking has engineered a full range of exclusive marking machines: dot-peen, scribing, and laser marking systems. Armed with unparalleled industry and technical expertise, SIC Marking provides custom and turnkey solutions across a multitude of global sectors including: Africa, Asia and Oceania, Australia, Middle East, North America and South America. The global network group employs approximately 450 employees.

About Nill + Ritz

Nill + Ritz is a leading European company that produces automatic laser markers, marking lasers, dot peening machines, scribing markers and engraving machines. The most important market is Germany, but the marking machines are sold worldwide. Customers include most German car manufacturers and their suppliers, such as Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche, Volkswagen, Luk, Bosch, Fendt, MAGNA oder MAN.

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