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New LIne of Low-Cost CO2 Laser Lenses

A new line of low cost CO2 laser lenses for low power engraving and marking lasers that are available off-the-shelf for overnight delivery has been introduced by Laser Research Optics of Providence, Rhode Island.

Laser Research Economy CO2 Engraving Lenses are 0.75” dia. with 2.00” focal lengths which are drop-in field replacements offered in plain or mounted versions. These lenses are available from stock with overnight delivery for use in Epilog®, Trotec®, and Universal® Laser Systems.

For applications requiring a strong coating to handle dirtier environments such as acrylic cutting, Laser Research Economy CO2 Engraving Lenses are offered in a Premium Line with coatings to 10.6 microns. Besides the 2.00” focal length, other focal lengths will be introduced soon, claims the firm.

Laser Research Economy CO2 Engraving Lenses are priced at $83.00 plain and mounted versions priced at $118.00. The Premium Line of lenses with enhanced coatings are $165.00 and $195.00 respectively.

Laser Research Optics is a Division of Meller Optics. Meller Optics specializes in sapphire windows, lenses, domes and prisims. Capabilities include 5 axis Ultra Sonic CNC machining, surface grinding, double and single side polishing, X-ray crystal analysis, interferometric measurement and surface roughness. Meller Optics is at the forefront in the manufacturing of high tolerance laser, military, industrial and medical optics, utilizing a full range of UV, visible and IR materials.

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