Laser Marking

Laser Scanning System for Laser Marking

The proven SCANcube product family has received a facelift and offers an extended performance spectrum with the new SCANcube IV scan head. Designed for laser marking projects, it can be configured using tuning and mirror variants.

The SCANcube IV is available with a 10 or 14mm aperture and offers new dust-light housing and optimized heat management. Compared to the SCANcube III, the system’s linearity has been improved by 30 percent. This facilitates calibration and enables more precise processing results, especially in applications with high scanning speeds. Furthermore, application-specific tunings are now available for the SCANcube IV. The SCANcube IV is the first representative of the SCANcube series to offer optional read-back functions. In combination with a RTC control board, additional functions for monitoring and system diagnostics are now available. The new, appealing housing design makes a decisive contribution to improved thermal management of the entire scan system.

SCANLAB has been developing and manufacturing galvanometer scanners and scan solutions since its founding in 1990. SCANLAB’s products turn lasers into precise, highly dynamic and flexible tools that provide the basis for performing countless processing tasks.

Our highly qualified and motivated team of about 375 employees possesses extensive market and application experience. SCANLAB’s headquarters in Germany now manufactures and globally sells more than 35,000 scan solutions annually. As market leader, we have the largest installed base in the world.

SCANLAB’s headquarters as well as the main R&D and manufacturing site is in Puchheim, Germany (near Munich). The SCANLAB Group employs industry and application experts around the world for the best on-site support. SCANLAB maintains its own superbly equipped laser and measurement labs. There, we test scan systems intensively to ensure fulfillment of both general and application-specific requirements, and to achieve continuous product improvement.

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