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What is a Green Laser Marking System

The application of green laser technology for marking parts has evolved to fill the traceability needs on very delicate part materials where high-contrast permanent marks can be achieved without distorting or altering the material. Sometimes green lasers are referred to as “Cold Marking Lasers” because it is a low heat laser with a wavelength of 532 nm and has excellent high beam quality and stability. It can achieve ultra-fine very soft marking on materials with extraordinary absorption properties. Ideal for 2D matrix codes as well as detailed graphics or logos.

The laser is in the visual spectrum and appears as a green color. Materials suited for green laser marking include white, transparent or red/orange plastics like UHMWPE, HDPF or PMME, for which laser additives may no longer be necessary, and reflective materials like glass or shiny substrates which may be sensitive to heat. Precious metals like gold, silver and copper can easily be marked with green lasers as well as printed circuit boards, electrical components, computer chips, foil and a wide variety of medical components.

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Silicon treated balloon catheter
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